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November 18, 2009

kubit Releases PointCloud 5 & PointCloud Pro 5

kubit Releases PointCloud 5 - Image 1

The latest release of kubit‘s PointCloud Pro 5 extends AutoCAD by adding a photogrammetric, multiple image analysis. Three-dimensional objects can now be modeled using digital photos instead of scanned point clouds. Oriented images can be generated directly within PointCloud and then drawn on to get an image plan. Lines drawn on a two-dimensional photograph are simultaneously displayed inside the 3D point cloud at the correct geometric position.PointCloud license holders may deliver fully functional cloud files free of charge with the FreeEdition version of PointCloud. Thus, service providers can hand their measured point cloud data to their customers for further processing in AutoCAD without the customers having to purchase a license of PointCloud. Versions 5 of PointCloud and PointCloud Pro support AutoCAD 2007-2010 and all vertical applications (e.g. Architecture, Civil 3D). They run on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Prospects may try the software free of charge.

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