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April 15, 2014

kubit announces new product releases and functionality

kubit develops software for surveying and as-built documentation with a specialty in Autodesk based plug-ins along with stand-alone applications for laser scanning. For more than 15 years kubit has focused on solutions for existing conditions in various fields including plant design, heritage and BIM.

The kubit team began to provide insight into their new programs and functionalities this week during the Spar International 2014 conference in Colorado Springs. As expected, all new products are compatible to Autodesk 2015. The release names (version 15) will now match the Autodesk release year.

kubit will host a series of webinars to introduce these products beginning May 13th through June 4th. Official product release dates are set for 5/26/2014.

Click here for a full list of product feature enhancements
Click here for a list of upcoming webinar events.

• The all new “kubit MySuite” allows customers to essentially mix and match any of kubit’s software offerings on to a single license with significant savings.
• VirtuSurv for Revit now allows designers to use scan data within the Revit Family Editor. This is a first for the laser scanning market. VS for Revit also supports extraction of arc walls
• PointSense Plant provides new tie-in point extraction, structural type/size recognition and faster piping design with smarter, more enhanced catalogs.
• PointSense Heritage and kubit PhoToPlan customers will benefit from a new Recap Photo utility directly in CAD for quick image calibration.
• PointSense Building users can now restrict floor plan line extraction to fixed angles to meet project design specifications.
• All PointSense users will benefit from new planar, cylindrical and conical analysis tools as well as improved polygonal line extraction.

kubit is a manufacturer of surveying software solutions, located in Dresden (Germany) and Houston (USA). As a medium-sized company kubit has been dedicated for the past 15 years in developing Autodesk based plug-ins and stand-alone applications for different surveying sensors (such as total stations, laser scanners etc.). kubit products fit ideally where the as-built documentation of buildings, field survey and industrial plant objects is required. The major product focus of the company at the moment are laser scanning applications “PointSense” and “VirtuSurv”. Both product families allow efficient evaluation of point cloud data. 

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