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September 2, 2011

Keynotes, presenters announced for SPAR Europe 2011

2010 SPAR Europe Siemer video pic

SPAR 3D has announced two keynote speakers and more than two dozen presenters for SPAR Europe 2011 taking place on 8 and 9 November 2011 at the World Forum, The Hague. The second annual conference on 3D Imaging for Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and Safety & Security will be preceded on 7 November by a pre-conference tutorial on 3D imaging and a full-day FIATECH meeting.

The first keynoter is Blaine R. Tookey, IT & S, chief technology officer at BP. The CTO has had significant success at applying 3D technology to improve training, collaboration, and operational practices. This talk will focus on some of the successful implementations over the last few years and describe technologies for which BP sees particular promise and investment potential, including 3D visualization tools, intelligent models, and mobile devices.

The second keynoter is Ed Lantz, president & CTO of Vortex Immersion Media, a company specialising in the development of interactive entertainment venues. In addition to his role as an executive manager, Mr. Lantz is also a media and entertainment engineer and scientist, with areas of interest ranging from virtual reality and real-time video/music performance, to neuroaesthetics and wellness applications that exploit the psychophysical effects of interactive digital media. He is currently participating in the building and planning of an immersion environment at a new MGM Grand in China.

For the full list of speakers, constantly being updated, visit our SPAR Europe List of Presenters page.

SPAR Europe is anticipating having 40 speakers, presenters, and panelists, who will cover a broad range of industries and applications including civil infrastructure, transportation, power generation, manufacturing, defense and security, historic preservation and more.

SPAR Europe will be co-located with Digital Asset Management Conference – Europe. On 7th November 2011, in conjunction with SPAR Europe, FIATECH will host a full-day meeting. FIATECH is an industry-lead group that provides global leadership in identifying and accelerating the development, demonstration and deployment of technologies and advancement of innovative practices to deliver the highest business value throughout the capital projects lifecycle.

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