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December 14, 2004

iQvolution Doubles Range of iQsun 880 Scanner

iQvolution Doubles Range of iQsun 880 Scanner - Image 1

iQvolution  introduced iQsun 880 HE80, a more powerful model of its 3D laser scanner designed for scanning at ranges up to 80m. The higher-power model also enhances outdoor scanning, according to the company. Existing iQsun 880 models can be field-upgraded to the HE80 module. iQsun 880 HE80, like its counterpart iQsun 880 HE40, is a 360-deg-horizontal- x 320-deg-vertical-FOV continuous-wave scanner that captures more than 120,000 points/sec with +/-3mm linearity error. HE40 (range up to 40m) uses a 10mW laser; HE80 uses a 22mW laser.

 iQvolution scanners use a modular design that lets customers upgrade their scanners as additional modules are released. New modules due out next year include iQsun HA, a short-range sensor that the company reports will deliver sub-millimeter accuracy at ranges up to 15m; we expect this will have strong appeal for iQvolution’s automotive customers.

Another recently added feature is an inclination sensor intended to simplify orienting the camera. 

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