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September 4, 2013

Industrial 3D gaming targets plant industries


AVEVA’s Activity Visualization Platform simulates environments to boost safety, cut training costs

AVEVA Group debuted its Activity Visualization Platform (AVP) Tuesday bringing industrial 3D gaming to the plant, marine and offshore industries.

Cambridge, England-based AVEVA said users can generate immersive, interactive, multi-player simulators direct from a 3D CAD model to train operators and practice emergency procedures safely – even before the asset is built.

AVEVA’s Kate Magill told SPAR the software is so new, no buyers have signed up yet, but the company is targeting engineering contractors (EPCs), who can ensure plants are optimally designed for safe and efficient operations from the outset.

Another target market is Owner Operators (OOs), who can use AVP to plan, evaluate, rehearse and train their operators for all routines or emergency activity in advance of asset handover.

Users can create 3D virtual worlds direct from AVEVA’s PDMS or E3D software, or third-party design and engineering data, to incorporate detailed model textures and shading.

The virtual world can contain enhanced geometry models with physical properties recognized by physics engines for simulation and industrial gaming.

The physics engine, either the integrated NVIDIA PhysX engine or other third-party, ascribes realistic attributes to avatars and objects, including gravity, mass, solidity of walls and materials and so on.

Approximate simulation of certain physical systems, such as rigid body, soft body, and fluid dynamics, enable a user to experience the reality of a hazardous or difficult to reach environment.

Navigate and interact with the virtual environment either directly or via controllable avatars. Open doors, climb ladders, jump on and over objects, walk, run, bump into objects, knock them over; in fact almost any action that would realistically be required, or that could happen in the real world.

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