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August 22, 2018

Indoor Reality has released two iPhone indoor capture solutions


Indoor Reality is best know for its indoor 3D-capture ecosystem that helps users capture, process, share, and use 3D data with speed. The company’s software offers almost every feature you can think of–not just 3D capture, but annotation, automatic CAD modeling, machine learning, summary reports, and more. That completist philosophy also extends to their, where the company sells backpacks, tablet-based solutions, and now smartphone rigs.

The IR-100 and IR-200 are iPhone-based 3D capture solutions that offer an easy entry into Indoor Reality’s ecosystem. Instead of buying a new piece of hardware, you can use the device you already own.

The IR-100 is essentially an iPhone with the Indoor Reality App installed, and a standard subscription of $14.99 a month. This simple solution can be used to create floor plans; summary reports with square footage, surface area, and volume; and even to tag assets either during the capture process or afterward.

The IR-200 is a rig consisting of an iPhone, a premium subscription at a rate of $24.99 a month, and a 360° panoramic kit that will set you back $599 total. This kit offers everything you get with the IR-100, but with 360° capture and “3D interactive visualization of a space only minutes after walkthrough.”

Models from either solution can be viewed in any way that other Indoor Reality captures are viewed—on any web-enabled device, including the phone you used for capture. IR-100 and IR-200 are available on the App Store now, and the Android version is on its way in the third quarter of 2018.

For more information, see Indoor Reality’s website here.

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