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May 30, 2014

IndiaCADworks Launches a Range of Dynamic Geospatial Services


IndiaCADworks has confirmed the launch of a dynamic new range of geospatial services, designed to help businesses across the world maximize their budgets as they facilitate growth and expansion.

IndiaCADworks is one of the world’s premier CAD design and drafting company. Its new geospatial offering allows businesses to outsource all of their needs in this area to a highly specialist team, delivering proven results through innovation and efficiency – all while making significant savings.

The team at ICW specialises in everything from terrain modeling to photogrammetric services, helping clients to meet their ROI goals and offering them a chance to develop a competitive edge over their rivals. With more than 15 year of experience in all elements of 2D and 3D CAD modeling, the experts at ICW will now be providing clients across the world with accurate and high-quality results from their geospatial services, whilst adhering to all security protocols and international standards.

Location-based services are becoming ever more important in the connected world that we live in, but many companies the resources to make the most of this type of research. ICW helps businesses across a myriad of industries, without the technology and resource headaches that are caused when attempting this type of work in-house.

ICW’s new geospatial services will be aimed a multitude of organisations, from utilities providers and mapping agencies to transportation services and land administrators. Clients will have their pick of a myriad of services to suit their needs, ranging from topographic mapping and orthophoto production, to complex Geographic Information Systems and GIS Surveying Services.

Business Development Head of ICW, says, “Our new geospatial services are intended to meet the needs of the current global markets, in a more innovative and cost-effective way than any of the other alternatives currently available. We provide everything from GIS web services to aerial remote sensing, across businesses in a range of sectors. Our team will be working with utilities providers, land administration offices and transportation services to deliver proven results and significant cost savings that will help them breathe life into flat-lining economies across the globe.”

Outsourcing to external service providers like ICW not only ensures high-quality, but also significant cost savings – companies that outsource typically experience savings of 40% – 60%. Instead of carrying out the work in-house and exhausting their resource and their workforce on a lengthy project, businesses can now outsource to ICW, where dedicated managers and experienced specialists will be at the helm of all geospatial projects. With cutting-edge workstations and state-of-the-art technology, ICW are prepared to handle a wide range of projects, no matter their size or complexity.


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