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April 29, 2020

In lieu of in-person demos, GeoSLAM will send you a "demo-in-a-box"


While we’ve recently seen demonstrations of exquisite interior scans done in empty buildings, handheld scanning companies are facing challenges in reaching new and potential customers during the COVID-19 crisis. The inability to schedule in-person product trainings and demonstrations could potentially slow the completion of scans if companies were planning to adopt new tech. In response, GeoSLAM came up with a solution – to mail the scanners out to potential customers for a 2-day demo.

For companies located in the US, Canada and Europe, the GeoSLAM “Demo in a Box” program is a free of charge rental agreement that is coordinated with regional sales contacts. GeoSLAM plans to send interested and qualified businesses a scanner, which the recipient will have two days to return. Applicants are allowed to borrow one product form the ZEB family of scanners (ZEB REVO, ZEB REVO RT or ZEB Horizon).

To be noted is that the “demo in a box” is only available for companies (not individuals) and it is subject to the availability of the scanners themselves. While they are encouraging companies to reach out, GeoSLAM stresses that demo scans should only be performed when/where safe.

“We suggest you do scans within your own home/garden, depending on the regulations where you are,” the GeoSLAM website advises.

Companies with interest can fill out an inquiry form here.

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