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August 10, 2023

IMAGINiT Technologies introduces new hybrid BIM management tool

IMAGINiT customers can now utilize Clarity both on-prem and on the cloud.

Last month, IMAGINiT Technologies, a company who provides software and support to engineers and architects for designing, developing, and managing projects, introduced a new hybrid option for their IMAGINiT Clarity Cloud offering, allowing for storage to be split between on-prem and the cloud. The new hybrid option, according to the company’s announcement, will give “small and mid-sized AEC firms more control over their project timelines and IT budgets.”

IMAGINiT’s Clarity offering is a BIM platform allowing users to automate tasks on Revit, BIM Collaborate Pro, and Construction Cloud projects. The result is significant time savings, with the company saying that firms which use IMAGINiT Clarity save an average of over 200 hours per project per year. They do it by allowing automation of some of the administrative tasks to allow more time for more complex design tasks on a project. It also provides users with easy access to key metrics, keeping potential issues front of mind to tackle these problems head-on as early as possible.

Prior to this most recent hybrid option, IMAGINiT Clarity users could either automate these tasks using on-premise workstations or in the cloud, but now have the option to split between the two. 

While this may seem like a small change on the surface, this can have profound effects on AEC firms, particularly those in the small and mid-sized categories as noted above. Just looking at things from a financial standpoint, having the ability to shift some computing between the cloud and on-prem workstations allows for more predictability in IT budgeting. The new hybrid option also improved performance optimization by deciding which tasks can be done on-prem and which in the cloud.

This is especially important in today’s landscape with worker shortages around the entire AEC industry coinciding with consistent, or in some cases even increasing, construction demand. These conditions call for maximum flexibility and efficiency, particularly working with design to catch any potential issues early and cut down on rework.

It’s a sentiment shared by IMAGINiT president and COO Bill Zavadil in a press statement. “As organizations face staffing challenges, increasingly accelerated project timelines and the need to better predict IT spending, our new hybrid option for Clarity Cloud aims to help BIM coordinators, project managers, firm owners, and their ecosystem of partners, meet these challenges head-on.”

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