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February 5, 2018

ILMF ’18: SBG’s new Ellipse 2 Micro reduces the size and cost of high-performance inertial sensors


SBG Systems reduces the size and cost of its high-performance inertial sensors with the new Ellipse 2 Micro series. The sensor weighs only 10-grams and boasts a 0.1° altitude accuracy, offering an unusually high weight to performance ratio.

According to SBG, the Ellipse Micro series sensors are calibrated to withstand temperatures from -40° to 85° C without errors such as sensor bias, gain, linearity, and alignment, thus providing consistent performance in a variety of conditions.

The R&D team has also been working to adjust the motion profiles of their sensors for use on different platforms—like UAVs, cars, etc.—and in different usage conditions to reach the greatest level of reliability across the broadest range of applications.

Ellipse 2 Micro sensors are available as IMUs for calibrated sensor data, or as AHRS/INS when users need a device that delivers orientation and navigation when using an external GNSS receiver. When connected to an external GNSS receiver, the the Ellipe 2 Micro INS integrates inertial and GNSS information in real-time to maintain vehicle positioning.

For automotive applications, the sensor includes a CAN protocol that connects to an odometer for reliable performance in environments like tunnels, urban canyons, etc.

SBG will feature the Ellipse 2 series at ILMF booth #405. The sensors are now available for order.

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