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April 17, 2013

Houston firm is first reseller for Germany-based p3dsystems


SmartGeoMetrics buys first ProScan G-Series RTK terrestrial laser scan system in Western Hemisphere

SmartGeoMetrics announced it acquired from Germany-based p3dsystems the first ProScan G-Series kinematic terrestrial laser scanning system in the Western Hemisphere.

Houston, Texas-based SmartGeoMetrics said it also was selected as the first reseller for p3dsystems.

The ProScan G-Series includes the ProScan G101, a GNSS based portable laser scanning system, and ProScan PCloud, a smart and user friendly post processing software suite. The ProScan G101 provides unparalleled productivity, mobility, and flexibility in field data capture. 

Users can utilize many of today’s latest scanners as a mobile scanner by attaching them to the ProScan G101. The ProScan G101 can then be used on a wheeled dolly or attached to the operator with a specially designed vest for traversing difficult terrain or stairways. 

The PCloud Software uses intelligent processing technology (iPT) to integrate the data from GNSS, an IMU, and the laser scanner to produce stunning results as quickly as the scene was scanned.

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