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March 12, 2020

Hexagon Showcases the Power of AR with ConX at CONEXPO


While Hexagon utilized CONEXPO 2020 to announce things like the latest addition to their one-for-all MC1 software platform, the story of the show was centered on utilizing AR (augmented reality) in construction to create truly digital workflows. What it means to do so on a practical level can sometimes be amorphous, but those distinctions were not only discussed at the event but actually demonstrated in multiple ways at the Hexagon booth.

A large representation of an actual jobsite showcased the power of Leica ConX. The AR environment it features can facilitate the flow of data to allow multiple people and teams to manage, monitor and share construction information in real-time. The entire workflow of individual pieces like single bulldozer was demonstrated, as viewers could visually see how showed data was prepared, how it went into the work order, how it was executed and what feedback looked like. All of it is seamless and automatic, allowing supervisors and teams to understand exactly what is or isn’t happening with that bulldozer.

This AR environment is fueled by ConX, which connects people with machines and facilitates the flow of data across digital workflows. The tool allows users to efficiently manage connected construction projects, including third-party platforms, and share job-related data with all stakeholders. When tied into AGTEK, which is utilized earlier in the construction process to do things like estimate construction quantities, those efficiencies can be taken to another level.

We’ve seen and have talked about these kinds of AR solutions in the past, as the power and usability of such tools and systems can allow construction professionals to consider digital workflows in a whole new way. With ConX making it that much simpler to validate data in 2D and 3D on interactive maps, expectations on how people and teams can collaborate in virtual environments can be totally redefined. The ease around what it can mean to do so has never been more apparent than it was via the interactive displays like the ones Hexagon showcased at CONEXPO.


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