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October 27, 2016

Hangar Lands $6.5M to Automate UAV Data Capture Completely


Colin Guinn has worked with DJI as the CEO of North American operations, and as 3DR’s head of sales and marketing. Now he’s on to his own venture: Hangar, a software company looking to automate UAV data acquisition and analysis for various commercial industries.

Hangar aims to automate all of the steps required to gather actionable data from a drone. This includes mission design and planning, flight control, and data analysis.

As TechCrunch describes the service, “collecting and analyzing drone data for commercial users would be as simple as showing up to a location with the properly equipped drone, and pressing one button on an app to complete a job in full.”

Once the job is complete, the service delivers the final product tailored for the client’s needs. That might be maps, graphs, photos, videos, or data to load directly into existing proprietary systems.

“I’ve watched drone technology advance at a breakneck pace like no other product before it,” says Guinn. “These consumer-friendly products now have multiple computers, an autopilot, 4k cameras, long-range video links, sensors and more and only costs $500-$999. Harnessing that technology is an unparalleled opportunity across industry. ‘Consumer’ drones have become so advanced that no human can fully maximize and capitalize on their capabilities – it’s time for software to automate and optimize data capture from these devices.”

As Hangar grows, Hangar co-founder Jeffrey DeCoux says the company will expand its development team to integrate industry-specific technologies.

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