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October 4, 2006

GSA Awards $138,603 in Laser Scanning Contracts

Three firms – Arcadis G & M Inc., Orlando, FL, Packer Engineering, Inc., Naperville, IL, and Martinez & Johnson, Washington, DC – were awarded contacts by the GSA to execute 3D laser scanning surveys for three federal facilities in Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA and Brooklyn, NY respectively. (For background see our article GSA Opens Bidding for 3D Laser Scanning Projects.) 

Jeremy Jones, survey manager at ARCADIS’s Orlando office, says his firm plans to execute the project with its new Leica ScanStation. Jones says it is important to start 3D BIM initiatives with reliable and complete 3D data.

Packer Engineering’s vice president of business development John Nowicki says his company has been using laser scanning for more than three years, for applications ranging from building design to accident scene investigation. Packer plans to use FARO or Leica equipment, and will decide on the BIM application in due course.

Martinez & Johnson reports it will work with Optira to execute the work.

For all major projects (prospectus-level) receiving design funding in fiscal 2007 and beyond, GSA requires spatial program BIMs as the minimum requirements for submission to the Office of the Chief Architect for Final Concept approvals by the PBS Commissioner. All GSA projects are encouraged to deploy mature 3D-4D-BIM technologies – spatial program validation and beyond – at strategic project phases in support of specific project challenges. (For background see our article 3D Laser Scanning in GSA’s National 3D-4D-BIM Program.)

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