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June 7, 2013

Greaves leaves CyArk for private sector


Founder Kacyra takes over helm of 3D digital heritage preservation group

After 18 months at the helm of CyArk, the 3D digital heritage preservation group, Executive Director Tom Greaves said Friday he is returning to the private sector.

CyArk Founder and Chairman Ben Kacyra will assume leadership of the Oakland, Calif.-based nonprofit. A CyArk representative did not immediately return a request for additional information.

“The CyArk board really appreciates Greaves’s dedication and hard work and we wish him well in his new venture,” Kacyra said in a statement.

CyArk explained Greaves had “completed his tenure,” but will continue to support it as an “ambassador and technology adviser.”

The 10-year-old organization’s mission is to digitally preserve the world’s cultural heritage sites, and, according to Greaves, “CyArk is well on its way.”

So far, 3D data of over 100 sites, including Pompeii, Ti’kal, Mount Rushmore, the Royal Kasubi Tombs, and the Sydney Opera House, have been digitally captured and archived for use in site conservation and education purposes.

Greaves also cited 20 percent growth in 2012, the opening of a new office in Edinburgh, Scotland and the launch of a data donation program, as further proof the organization is well poised to realize its goals.

“And, with the upcoming launch of the CyArk 500 challenge in October, its prospects have never been brighter,” Greaves said.

CyArk formally launches its 500 Challenge to digitally preserve 500 of the world’s most important cultural heritage sites over a five-year period this fall.

“I‘ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the conservation field for the past 18 months,” Greaves said. “I really appreciate the support of the CyArk teams in Oakland and Edinburgh.”

Greaves, the former head of SPAR 3D, has has over 25 years experience advising engineering, construction and manufacturing firms on the application of 3D imaging and information technologies.

He holds a B.Sc. in physics from Queen’s University at Kingston, an M.Sc. in physics from the University of British Columbia, and a master’s from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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