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June 12, 2013

Getting down to business at SPAR Japan 2013


Annual 3D imaging conference hosts first government speaker

SPAR Japan, the region’s annual conference on 3D imaging, wrapped up last week with 650 professionals and 22 exhibitors, five of which were new this year, packing the show floor to talk business.

After the event, conference promoter Koji Kawamura said SPAR Japan has now matured from an educational forum to one of “real business promotion.”

“Every one wishes to communicate with other professionals,” Kawamura said.

That was certainly the case for at least one exhibitor. Kurabo Industries Ltd. manufactures and sells 3D imaging software, among other businesses.

“We enjoyed a fruitful event,” Ting Zhou of Kurabo told SPAR 3D. “Many potential customers came to our booth and to hear our presentation. We are looking forward to join the conference next year.”

The conference, held at the Kawasaki Industry Promotion Hall in Kawasaki June 5-6, focused on how 3D imaging can drive productivity and new business using laser scanning, lidar, mobile survey and mapping, augmented reality, dimensional control, CAD/GIS integration, scan-to-BIM, asset management and digital heritage preservation.

Global 3D imaging hardware and software firms exhibited at the conference, including RIEGL, FARO, Bentley, Topcon, Trimble, and AVEVA.

“SPAR Japan offers us an excellent opportunity to engage with business leaders and plant engineers interested in the capture of 3D data,” said Eunjoo Park, AVEVA senior vice president, Korea & Japan. AVEVA showcased its new plant design software with enhanced laser scanning capabilities for both new build and revamp projects.

Some of the regional firms attending SPAR Japan included:

  • Sanei Giken Co., Ltd., a software development firm specializing in 3D road design
  • Santoku, a Japanese trading company, which recently began selling 3D laser scanners manufactured by German-based Z+F
  • Korea-based PointShape, a provider of 3D modeling software, Seikowave, a provider of 3D laser scanners

Global recreational vehicle manufacturer Yamaha introduced UAV services with its RMAX drone for 3D imaging in the precision agriculture category at SPAR Japan.

A total of 55 speakers presented at the conference, including the first speaker from the Japanese government.

Syunsuke Aoki, from Shimane prefecture, education division, presented at the Cultural Session discussing the benefits of getting local government and public consensus on issues related to 3D imaging.

The keynote by Professor Naokazu Yokoya of the Nara Institute of Science and Technology’s Graduate School of Information Science, focused on 3D data capture trends and augmented reality.

A total of five universities were represented on the show floor, including:

  • The University of Electro-Communications
  • Kyoto University
  • Hokkaido university
  • Nippon University
  • Japan Industrial University

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