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October 16, 2023

Geospatial Company Naurt Wants to Redefine The Delivery Ecosystem

The company launched a geolocation software solution that helps delivery drivers find optimal parking spots and accurate building entrance location data to ensure timely and efficient deliveries.
Image via Naurt

It’s no secret that outdated and inaccurate location data is costing businesses money. For this reason, UK-based geospatial startup Naurt decided to focus on optimizing the delivery ecosystem. After two years of beta testing, they have now launched a software solution that helps the global “last mile” food and package industry to better manage costs and cope with demand, together with funding of £300,000 funding from venture builder Founder + Lighting to propel its ambitious scale-up plans.

The solution showcases the optimal locations for delivery drives in terms of parking spots and the correct building entrance, as to optimize the “last mile” delivery from the vehicle to the correct entrance location of the client so that deliveries will be quicker and no parcels get lost or delayed. Quicker and better “last mile” deliveries result in a higher delivery capacity for delivery companies, impact their gross profit margins, as well as time and labor savings as labor costs make up for a substantial 40 percent of delivery service expenses. The solution is the result of 80 pilots done with 83 organizations in the last 18 months, who reported a 6.67 percent increase in daily deliveries.

Naurt product overview

Since their founding in 2020, Naurt has attempted to refine GPS tracking accuracy, to optimize the delivery ecosystem. Naurt’s product page mentions three products: a POI API to create custom POIs which can later be filtered and searched, a Lite SDK which logs building entrances and parking spots as POIs to be later retrieved via the POI API, and a Location Manager SDK which provides real-time location tracking in addition to the features of Naurt's Lite SDK. The Location Manager SDK for Android and iOS offers the most features and unique functionality, including real-time tracking improvements and real-time movement and environment flags.

Image via Naurt

With each location, Naurt's Location Manager provides the user with the following data: position (latitude, longitude and altitude), speed, heading, accuracy estimates for all measurements, motion type (walking/driving), environment type (inside/outside) and mocking/spoofing status. Naurt's advanced sensor fusion system kicks in when a user transitions from outside to inside, providing smooth tracking for up to five minutes when inside. Currently, Naurt has native iOS and Android SDKs, but React Native and Flutter SDKs are in the pipeline.

Providing Higher Accuracy and Valuable Location Point Data

The current economic environment has witnessed a shift from growth to profitability, where final mile companies are striving to streamline operations, making Naurt’s solution increasingly pertinent. Their patent-pending software not only ensures efficient deliveries by determining optimal parking spots and building entrances, but also amasses over 500 million location points collected in collaboration with global delivery giants. Looking ahead, Naurt is eager to integrate with numerous delivery companies, aspiring to become an industry-standard software solution. 

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