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April 4, 2017

GeoSLAM to Offer Real-Time SLAM Upgrade for ZEB-REVO


At SPAR 3D 2017, GeoSLAM announced an upgrade option for its popular ZEB-REVO handheld lidar scanner. This upgrade adds a new datalogger capable of performing SLAM registration in real time, out in the field. Users who opt in can use any device with a wifi connection and web browser to see the data as it’s captured.

The real time feedback shows users if they have missed any areas in their capture workflow, and saves them the time and expense of returning to the field to perform a second or even third capture.

GeoSLAM says the updated is compatible with all existing ZEB-REVO devices, in keeping with the company’s modular approach. The upgrade is slated for release in summer of this year.

For more information, see GeoSLAM in SPAR 3D booth 415.

GeoSLAM Expanding to the US

After a year of record revenue growth, GeoSLAM is also opening up an office in the US and looking for staff. John Allan, VP Sales & Marketing said “Our business has grown around the world and the interest from the US alone has been phenomenal. We’re currently appointing Distributors throughout the US and now we need sales and support staff to help manage our network.”

If that sounds like you, make sure to stop by the GeoSLAM booth. As Allan put it, “SPAR 3D brings the the scanning world’s experts together and we’d be delighted to talk to anyone who wants to share our vision,”

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