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May 8, 2017

GeoCV's Smartphone 3D Capture Software Raises $1.8 Million


Any discussion of disruptive 3D hardware that is worth its salt will mention the smartphone. We often ask–What’s the true 3D-capture potential of these devices we carry around in our pockets all day?

GeoCV just raised $1.8 million in seed funding to explore that question. The company, founded by computer vision experts, develops software that software that easily generates 3D models of a space using any mobile device equipped with a 3D camera (a device equipped with Google’s Tango, for instance, or Intel’s RealSense).

Though the press release doesn’t mention Matterport by name, it appears that GeoCV sees the California-based company as a primary competitor. GeoCV plans to move into similar 3D-capture markets, beginning with real estate as a “beachhead” for future expansion into construction, interior design, insurance, and property management.

In a more direct statement, GeoCV says that “unlike competitors that offer 3D scanners at a price of $5,000, [their solution]utilizes $500 smartphones with 3D cameras.”

GeoCV’s technology is currently in closed beta testing, being offered to New York realtors “at disruptive pricing” of $149. That number gets users a 3D scan with overhead view, 360° panoramas, and a 2D floor plan with dimensions.

Considering that the dimensions will be captured with a smartphone, we can’t expect them to survey grade. However, with a number of today’s 3D tech companies showing the value of visualization-first 3D capture technologies, it looks like a good time for GeoCV to enter the market.

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