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February 12, 2024

Geo Week Spotlight: KELYN3D Showcases the Power of True, Accurate 3D

“If you're just using a monitor, you’re not getting accurate, 3D stereo that allows you to measure depths.”

The term “3D” is one that constantly gets thrown around the geospatial and build world industries, but exactly what someone means when using that term varies depending on the context. For KELYN3D, that term is connected to a 3D monitor that allows users to comfortably and easily analyze and edit editing 3D content.

The 3D PluraView Dual-Screen Monitor allows users to work in 3D while visualizing true, accurate 3D. It also offers flicker-free for professional use, with resolutions up to 4K per stereo channel. The GlobeView 3D Stereo Monitor allows users to visualize geodata in true 3D stereo that is flexible to use in 2D mono and 3D stereo. These distinctions have resonated with users and with Geo Week attendees as explained by Account Executive Kurt Vanderheiden for KELYN3D.

“If you're just using a monitor, you’re not getting accurate, 3D stereo that allows you to measure depths,” said Vanderheiden. “That allows you to do anything from count the number of fire hyrants to measure the max elevation of buildings as it relates to a city code.”

 KELYN3D customers include contacts in the utility, DOT, and city planner spaces. KELYN3D monitor solutions provide up to 4K (UHD) resolution per monitor and stereo channel. The PluraView 3D monitor provides unmated ease-of-use and comfort for viewing, analysis and editing of 3D content. Their GlobeView 3D monitor is idea for presenting 3D content in a group setting.

“The workflow is smoother when you’re working with true 3D,” Vanderheiden continued. “Users can pull measurements and do all of their work in 3D, which is a true differentiator.”

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