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November 8, 2022

Geo Week Projects 175+ Exhibitors from Around the Globe

The list of exhibitors showcasing best-in-class AEC, 3D and geospatial/lidar technologies is growing daily.

Registration is Open for Geo Week 2024!

February 11-13, 2024 | Colorado Convention Center | Denver, CO, USA

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Organizers of Geo Week, the premier event that champions the coming together of geospatial technologies and the built world, have announced an impressive list of top geospatial and built world solutions providers from around the globe that have signed on to exhibit at the 2023 event. More than 175 organizations are projected and 145 have officially confirmed. The event will take place February 13-15, 2023, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. The show floor is expected to be completely sold out. 

“The nearly sold-out exhibit floor will be comprised of companies representing the best in lidar, reality capture, 3D modeling, point cloud processing, and more,” said Lee Corkhill, Group Director at Diversified Communications, organizer of the event. “Users of these technologies, whether in the public or private sector, will find what they need for current projects and their ever-changing needs.” 

The list of exhibitors showcasing best-in-class AEC, 3D and geospatial/lidar technologies is growing daily and currently includes these organizations: 

  • 3DEO, Inc. 
  • 3Dsurvey 
  • Advanced Navigation 
  • Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC 
  • Aerial Response Solutions 
  • Aero – Graphics Inc. 
  • Aerometrex 
  • Air Bear Tactical Aircraft 
  • AIRtec, Inc. 
  • AirWise Solutions 
  • AirWorks 
  • Allvision 
  • Alynix – BAAM Tech 
  • AmericaView 
  • Applanix 
  • Applied Imagery 
  • ArenaCAD USA 
  • ASPRS 
  • ASTRA Lite, Inc. 
  • Aurivus 
  • AVEVA 
  • Axis GeoSpatial, LLC 
  • Bad Elf 
  • Balko Tech 
  • Basis Software, Inc. 
  • BayesMap Solutions, LLC 
  • Blue Marble Geographics 
  • Bluesky Geospatial 
  • Carahsoft 
  • Cardinal Systems LLC 
  • Cesium 
  • CHC Navigation 
  • Cintoo US Inc. 
  • ClearEdge3D 
  • Clirio, Inc. 
  • Cloudfactory 
  • CompassData Inc. 
  • Cyvl 
  • DAT/EM Systems International 
  • Datum Tech Solutions 
  • DEVECENT Information Technology Co. 
  • Dewberry 
  • DIELMO 3D S.L. 
  • Doosan Mobility Innovation 
  • Drones Plus Inc 
  • Dynamic Aviation 
  • EcoPoint, Inc. 
  • Elysium Inc. 
  • Emesent 
  • EPS Group, Inc. 
  • ESRI 
  • e-Survey 
  • Exyn Technologies Inc. 
  • FARO Technologies, Inc. 
  • Frontier Precision 
  • GEO Business 
  • GeoCue Group 
  • Geodetics, Inc. 
  • Geo-Plus 
  • GeoShack 
  • GeoSLAM Ltd 
  • Geospatial World 
  • GEOTECH Bratislava s.r.o. 
  • GIS Surveyors, Inc. 
  • GPI Geospatial, Inc. 
  • Harris Aerial 
  • Helipoland Sp. z o.o. 
  • Hesai Technology 
  • Hexagon 
  • HTS Advanced Solutions LLC 
  • Impulseradar 
  • Inertial Labs, Inc. 
  • Informed Infrastructure 
  • ISPRS 2023 
  • ITRES Research Limited 
  • iXBlue 
  • Jacobs 
  • Jakarto 
  • JP Global Digital 
  • Kaarta 
  • KELYN Technologies 
  • Keystone Aerial Surveys 
  • L3Harris 
  • Laserscanning Europe 
  • Leica Geosystems 
  • Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS) 
  • Matterport Inc. 
  • Merrick & Company 
  • Microdrones 
  • Mosaic 
  • Multicopter Warehouse 
  • NavVis US, Inc. 
  • Nearmap 
  • NV5 Geospatial 
  • Outsight 
  • Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) 
  • Pavemetrics Systems Inc. 
  • Phase One 
  • Phoenix LiDAR Systems 
  • Pioneer Exploration Consultants Ltd 
  • Pix4D SA 
  • PointCab GmbH  
  • Pointerra 
  • PointFuse 
  • Power Technology 
  • Prevu3D 
  • RDO Equipment Company 
  • Revolution Flight 
  • RIEGL USA Inc. 
  • RPMC Lasers 
  • Sanborn Map Company 
  • Screening Eagle Technologies 
  • Seiler Instrument Geospatial 
  • Shanghai PYTES Energy Co., LTD 
  • Skydio 
  • Skyfront Corp. 
  • Skyline Software Systems, Inc. 
  • Smart Delta Systems & Solutions 
  • Smart Drone 
  • Solv3D Inc. 
  • Stonex USA 
  • Surphaser 
  • Tech Maven Geospatial 
  • Teledyne Geospatial 
  • TerraGo Technologies 
  • Terrasolid Ltd 
  • TOKSURVEY Information Technology Co. 
  • TopoDOT 
  • Trimble 
  • Tuck Mapping Solutions, Inc. 
  • Universal Engineering Sciences 
  • US Geological Survey 
  • USIBD 
  • Vectornav Technologies 
  • VeriDaaS 
  • Vexcel Imaging 
  • VirtualGrid 
  • Voxelmaps 
  • WGIC 
  • Wingtra 
  • Wispr Systems 
  • Woolpert 
  • xyHt Magazine 
  • YellowScan 
  • Z+F USA, Inc. 

View the complete exhibitor list and floor plan online. 

Additional features of the exhibit hall show floor include an Academic Showcase, as well as a Welcome Happy Hour, Networking Reception, Pitch the Press competition and educational programming in the Exhibit Hall Theater. The exhibit hall complements a robust conference program of practical, actionable education developed in conjunction with influential leaders within the geospatial and built world industries. The conference program will feature more than 200 speakers across 50 sessions with content that explores geospatial technologies, digital workflows, cutting-edge reality capture tools, advanced lidar, and much more. 

Geo Week represents the evolution of previously stand-alone events International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF), SPAR 3D Expo & Conference, and AEC Next – once independent entities that have come together to form a single, encompassing event.  The unification of these events was created as a response to the changing needs of built world and geospatial professionals, and to acknowledge the convergence of technology that is currently happening. New technological innovations, the need for remote workflows, and hardware breakthroughs are redefining expectations across teams, organizations, and entire industries.  

Visit for more information on attending or exhibiting and register now for early bird rates.   

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