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February 13, 2024

Geo Week 2024 Showcase: OxTS, Emesent, Stitch3D Announced as Winners of Annual Pitch the Press Competition

The winners were chosen by a panel of four judges after giving two-minute pitches followed by a minute of question and answer.

At Geo Week, the premier event that champions the coming together of geospatial technologies and the built world, three innovative solutions were chosen as the winners of the Pitch the Press event. The latest products from OxTS, Emesent, and Stich3D were chosen from 16 presentations that were pitched rapid-fire to a panel of high-profile press representatives at Geo Week. These solutions represent the cutting edge in hardware, components, and services.

In evaluating this year’s competing companies, the Pitch the Press panel of judges focused on contestants who took innovative approaches to solving problems and meeting the needs of the marketplace. For example, the judges praised Stich3D for developing an online platform that could help users view and share data quickly and facilitate effective decision-making. Likewise, Emesent’s Hovermap Core was praised by the panel for its adaptability and its potential to bring data capture and mapping capabilities to new and more challenging environments.

The winning submission from OxTS, the RED3000 OEM board, was singled out by the judges for its innovative design and high performance. The judges cited the product’s ability to adapt to different platforms, as well as its low price point – an important consideration as more businesses, large and small, become involved in geospatial operations.

Pitch the Press is a unique opportunity for exhibitors to present their products to a group of editors and reporters looking for the most unique new technologies on display at Geo Week. Eighteen exhibiting companies opted to share their new product or service during the one-hour event. Each exhibitor gave a two-minute brief to members of the media, followed by a one-minute Q&A. 

“One of the things that jumped out to the judges this year was how pretty much all of these products are solving real-world problems at more affordable price points,” said Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director for Geo Week News. “It speaks to the maturation of the industry as a whole and highlights how expectations around value have changed in a way that should further compel adoption.”

Pitch the Press provides attendees a sense of what products can be further explored on the Geo Week exhibit floor, which contains more than 190 exhibitors from around the world. Understanding the opportunities that companies like OxTS, Emesent, and Stich3D are creating is just the beginning of where and how their respective industries will advance. 

The “Pitch the Press” judging panel included Todd Danielson, Editorial Director, Informed Infrastructure; Myrna James, Contributing Editor, Geospatial World; Jonathan Murphy, Managing Director, GoGeomatics Canada; and Dawn Zoldi, Founder and CEO, P3 Tech Consulting.

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