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September 16, 2016

Garmin Resurrects the Dirt-Cheap LiDAR: LiDAR-Lite V3 Will Cost $150

Garmin's LiDAR Lite V3

You may remember the LiDAR-Lite, a sub-$100 2D LiDAR sensor manufactured by PulsedLight. The sensor was extremely well loved by the DIY community–until PulsedLight was purchased by Garmin, who immediately halted all sales of the affordable LiDAR. Many worried about what Garmin would do with their beloved sensor. Would the technology giant keep it off the market forever, opting instead to include it in their own consumer products?

Looks like we have our answer: Garmin has just re-released the product in a nearly identical form. The biggest change is the name. Meet the Garmin LiDAR-Lite V3.

All the pertinent specs from the LiDAR-Lite V2 have remained the same. The sensor still takes 500 readings per second, scans at a range of up 40 meters, has a resolution of 1 cm, and +/- 2.5 cm accuracy. The V3 still connects the same way as the V2, and still allows users to configure different combos of accuracy, operating range, and measurements per second.

The only physical difference I can see is that the LiDAR-Lite V3 sports a white Garmin label in the place of the V2’s flashy blue label.

Finally, this incredibly flexible technology is finally back on the market. It even has the same manufacturer price as its predecessor. Thanks, Garmin.

You can pre-order the LiDAR-Lite V3 now from outlets like Sparkfun, with orders expected to ship in early to mid October, 2016.

For more information on how PulsedLight was able to create an effective low-cost LiDAR, let PulsedLight founder Dennis Corey explain.

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