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June 13, 2007

Fry Joins ASTM E57 Executive Subcommittee

Tad Fry, Manager of Engineering, Brewing Operations & Technology, Engineering Group, Anheuser-Busch, accepted a position as a Member-at-Large of the ASTM E57.90 Executive Subcommittee. This subcommittee is charged with establishing direction and providing leadership for the E57 Committee as a whole. Alan Lytle of NIST, chair of the E57 Committee, said, “Mr. Fry’s leadership in this industry, his experience as an early adopter, and his unique vision will significantly help evolve E57 – particularly as we move to better engage facility and project owners in pursuit of a 3D Imaging standards portfolio.”ASTM E57 Committtee on 3D Imaging Systems was formed to develop standards for 3D laser scanners, flash LADAR and other 3D imaging systems. The committee will hold its next formal meeting June 24-26 as part of the ASTM June Committee Week, June 24-29, 2007, Norfolk, VA. Meeting and registration information is available at For questions contact Dottie Meyers, ASTM Meetings Department, [email protected], tel. 610.832.9706, fax 610.832.9669. Spar Point’s Tom Greaves currently serves as Membership Secretary of the E57 Committee.

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