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October 17, 2012

Fovex releases RGB-to-CAD software


Measure3D allows for CAD modeling directly within images

HANOVER, Germany – Here at Intergeo, Fovex – a company working with 3D created via panoramic images, previously known as Fodis – released for the first time its newest iteration of Measure3D, including functionality that allows for CAD modeling directly within images.

“After measuring an object in two images,” the company said in a press release, “its shape can be modeled by connecting points directly in the software. Therefore, the CAD model can be completed within the Fovex software directly and the model as a whole can be exported as a dxf file for any third-party CAD software.”

This replaces workflow, the company said, that previously required the creation of a point cloud and modeling within that point cloud. “To add colour and texture to this data, images are captured with a digital camera and stitched to a panorama which is linked to the CAD model,” the company said in the release. “Overall, this is not a satisfactory workflow.”

Fovex advocates using just one capture device, its own Fovex panorama camera, to achieve “accuracy of on average 1 mm in 10 meters.”

The company believes its solution is ideally suited to the BIM market, where as-built models need to built both accurately and quickly. Forensic applications also make sense, the company believes.

“The revolutionary Fovex Measure3D software algorithms give the operator the ability to process data directly from RGB images,” the company said by way of marketing its product. “In other words, the workflow becomes extremely intuitive, natural and realistic.”

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