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December 9, 2020

FARO's forensic scene documentation software gets new 3D tools

“Crash reconstruction isn’t about creating Hollywood theatrics; it’s about finding truth through science.”

Announced at the FARO’s online Public Safety & Forensics Tech Summit today, the new FARO Zone 3D 2021 software contains added tools and advanced features to facilitate diagraming, documenting and sharing forensic scenes and create 3D reconstructions.

The newly-released FARO Zone 3D 2021 provides the ability to accurately reconstruct any scene, including factual diagrams, detailed reconstruction analysis. The software also includes capabilities to support photo-realistic visuals, including grass that grows, multiple light sources and enhanced textures for stone, brick, wood, metal and water. Additional new features include analysis of blood cast off stains, bullet trajectories through multiple surfaces, automatic import of popular crash Event Data Recorder (EDR) data, a 3D roof builder, more than 50 new human models, and a new vehicle models and specifications database.

For FARO Laser Scanner users, a new FARO Zone 3D 2021 “Advanced” option has all new tools to register scan data into a 3D point cloud and merge point clouds from multiple sources including drones. Once a scene is preserved as a point cloud, it can be used to digitally obtain accurate measurements, analyze the evidence, verify a witness perspective, and animate crashes.The Advanced option also creates custom virtual reality scenarios so users can ‘enter’ any scanned scene to take photos and measurements, pick up evidence, and swab for DNA samples, all while completely immersed in VR.

FARO Zone 3D 2021 also features Zone 2go, whereby professionals can create comprehensive presentations with multiple views of the scene, diagrams, reports, photographs, animations, and fly-throughs. The self-running viewer can be exported to a USB flash drive and, since no internet connection is required, it is ideal for jury observation and deliberation.

“For public safety professionals, measuring and documenting a scene is a critical aspect of the job and one that requires total accuracy,” said Janice White, Director of Software Product Marketing at FARO. “We believe that FARO Zone 3D 2021 provides the most comprehensive scene documentation software on the market today, with even more stunning results and compelling visuals than previous versions.”

“Crash reconstruction isn’t about creating Hollywood theatrics; it’s about finding truth through science,” stated Carl Lakowicz, a crash reconstruction expert from Northpoint Collision Consultants who shows jurors the whole picture through the 3D visualizations he creates. “FARO Zone 3D is what I use to show the science of a crash.”

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