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September 9, 2016

FARO SCENE Adds 3D Printing, Target-Based Registration Tools


This week, FARO Technologies announced version 6.1 of their popular SCENE software for processing and managing 3D laser scan data. The software includes a new point cloud meshing tool for 3D printing applications and a target-based registration tool.

Point Cloud Meshing

SCENE’s new meshing tool processes point clouds into 3D meshes, or 3D models made of colored polygon surfaces.

The tool is intended for AEC professionals who model “freeform” complex shapes like statues, equipment, industrial components, and buildings. Since the tool is fully integrated, the meshing can be performed directly in the software, without third party solutions.

The software generates watertight 3D meshes in various formats (including .STL, .OBJ, .PLY, and .WRL) that can be used for 3D-printing. As FARO explains, “the software is ideal for users who do not own a CAD system with native point cloud support, and those with 3D-Scan-to-Print applications, such as printing historical artifacts or fabricating scaled models of complex infrastructure.”

Target-Based Registration

SCENE 6.1 adds an integrated tool that automates the processing of target-based scan projects. It adds verification steps to the workflow, which enables users to perform QC, and printable registration reports in PDF format.

The new release also includes faster scan processing, a new noise reduction technique that provides higher quality data, and a multi-layer overview map functionality that allows BIM professionals to view projects separated into building levels.

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