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February 27, 2008

FARO Photon Laser Scanner Amps Up Performance, Position Accuracy, Sensitivity, Portability

Last week at FARO‘s Lake Mary, FL headquarters I got an advance look at the company’s new Photon laser scanner, announced yesterday. FARO reports the Photon has 300% less noise than previous models, 200% better positional accuracy, higher sensitivity for better detection of distant, dark and oblique objects, easy high-quality color overlay, increased mirror rotation speed and faster minimal scan times.

The new models, Photon 80 and Photon 20, continue the modular design philosophy of FARO’s terrestrial laser scanner development team in Europe. The new line replaces the existing FARO Laser Scanner LS 880, 840 and 420. We understand Photon pricing will be comparable to current models.

New accessories include a high-definition color camera bracket, and a handle for portability. A compact power base battery provides more than six hours of operating time, FARO says.

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