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October 4, 2011

Faro introduces next generation of Focus3D

LAKE MARY, Fla. – FARO Technologies announced this week the next generation of its phase-based laser scanner, the Focus3D. While the unit outwardly appears basically the same, the company has announced new features that enhance registration and remote functionality.

The Focus3D now includes the new Multi-Sensor hardware feature, which incorporates a compass and height sensor to complement the device’s existing dual axis compensator. The new sensors define height and orientation against a set point for each scan, improving the automatic registration process and reducing post-processing work, according to a release.

Users can now perform and download scans remotely with the new WLAN remote control included in each new Focus3D. The device may also be equipped with one of three, application-specific adaptors that allow the Focus3D to be mounted to any fixed post or utilized in mobile or super-fast tunnel scanning applications, the company said.

SCENE WebShare 4.9, FARO’s internet sharing browser, will provide measurement tools and added information via Documentation Objects. Scans shared using WebShare can be directly viewed on the browser or analyzed with a variety of mapping functions. 

“We’ve included new features with this latest generation of the Focus3D that we think will make our customers’ lives much easier,” explained FARO CEO, Jay Freeland, in a statement. “By including new functionality in an already very strong offering, we believe FARO has the most competitive laser scanner on the market.” 

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