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August 10, 2017

The FARO Focus S70 Lidar Hits 1 mm Accuracy


Since turning the industry on its ear with the introduction of its first Focus laser scanner, FARO has filled out the product line with options tailored for a variety of customers with specific applications and budgets. The latest entry to the line is the Focus S70, a scanner spec’ed out for short range, high accuracy scanning in the AEC, product design, and forensics industries.

According to FARO, the S70 is similar to the low-cost M70 scanner announced in January. That means a similar form factor, a 70 meter range, an IP rating of 54 for use in adverse conditions, and HDR capture. The S70 sets itself apart by offering much denser data, 1 million points per second to the M70’s 500,000 points per second, and higher accuracy of +/- 1mm compared to the M70’s +/- 3mm.

FARO says the scanner is intended for applications that require the short-range scanning of the M70, but the accuracy of the S150 or S350.

The company has not announced a price for the scanner, but the upgraded specs mean it will likely cost more than the M70. You’ll find out soon enough, though: The S70 is available “for immediate quoting,” so you can contact your local sales representative for more details.

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