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April 13, 2016

FARO Announces Focus3D HDR Scanners and SCENE 6.0

FARO Focus 3D

As part of SPAR 3D Expo and Conference 2016, FARO announced new high-dynamic-range photography versions of their Focus 3D LiDAR devices and a major new release of their SCENE point-cloud rendering software.

The two products are aimed largely at FARO’s customers within the BIM/CIM and public safety markets.

Focus 3D HDR

FARO’s new Focus3D X130/330 HDR models include 170 megapixel cameras for capturing high-quality imagery of scene with large differences in brightness contrast. The company explains that these sensors will improve capture in bright and dark lighting conditions, as well as provide increased resolution to supply increased color depth.

The company says the new scanners are capable of covering brightness ranges of up to 4-billion to one, where typical digital images cover a contrast range of 255-to-1. According to FARO, this performance is comparable to the human eye.


FARO has also announced the release of version 6 of their SCENE point-cloud processing software. This new version supports the imaging capabilities of FARO’s latest scanners.

Most notably, the software includes a new “instant” solid-surface rendering technology “that eliminates the need for further data processing in visualization applications.”

The software also features a simplified interface and “workflow driven tools” that allows users to fully automate standard projects. When a user controls the project manually, SCENE 6.0 “provides support and guidance to ensure efficient and reproducible project results.”

Both products are available for immediate purchase. To find out more, see FARO at their booth at SPAR 3D 2016.

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