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March 23, 2016

FARO Announces Early Adopter Program

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FARO’s recent announcement of their Scan Localizer hardware was timed to coincide with another announcement: the launch of the FARO Early Adopter Program. “Under this program,” the company explains, “select customers who are faced with accelerating technology cycles can benefit from early access to new FARO products.”

The recently announced BIM Scan Localizer is the first of these early adopter releases, which the company is calling “FARO Innovation Products.”

Program Details

“The idea is that we want to get early customer feedback for new products and new product ideas” FARO Senior Product Manager Oliver Bürkler explained to SPAR 3D.

Early adopters benefit from access to FARO’s most cutting-edge technologies ahead of other users. These early adopters test the company’s newest products in the field. Then, they offer feedback to FARO on how the products work and what might need improvement.

“From our side,” Bürkler said, “it ensures that we have more interaction with this type of customer. It’s a learning thing from our side as well. We want to accompany those customers closely and learn with them and from them and develop the products better.”

In a prepared statement, Chief Technology Strategist and FARO Labs Director Dr. Bernd Becker elaborated on this mutually beneficial relationship. “With this innovative program our customers have the unique opportunity to benefit from early access to our new innovative products and to interact directly with our FARO Labs engineers to provide direct feedback on product features.”

A Changing 3D Market

When speaking with SPAR 3D, Bürkler explained why this special program is necessary: the changing demographics of the scanner market.

Since its early days, 3D-scanning technology has grown from a product for early adopters to one accepted by the wider market. Today, it’s not only expert surveyors that buy scanners, but also end-users of 3D data like asset owners and construction companies.

Bürkler said that “these mature customers expect mature products with no flaws. While, still, you have these early adopter customers who are willing to have something earlier, and go an extra mile for making it work.”

If that sounds like you, see for more information about the program.

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