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September 7, 2016

FARO Acquires Metrology Tech “Thousands of Times Faster” than LiDAR

Laser Projection Technologies' Lasergrammetry" System"

Last week FARO Technologies acquired Laser Projection Technologies, a New-Hampshire based company specializing in laser measurement systems for manufacturing.

In an official statement, FARO’s president and CEO Dr. Simon Raab explained that the technology will bolster its current measurement solutions. “We believe LPT’s proprietary imaging laser photogrammetry and imaging laser radar technologies have tremendous potential to disrupt the market by establishing a new class of high-speed laser measurement with advanced 3D imaging capabilities.”

Raab went on to state that LPT’s technologies are “thousand of times faster than currently available LiDAR products.” They also offer enticing proprietary imaging features, as well as qualitative and quantitative inspection capabilities.

He went on to tout the company’s “well-developed laser projection capability” which guides assembly ”making it a fully robotic, high-speed collaborative tool for manual or automated assembly and verification.”

LPT identifies use cases for their technology within industries as varied as manufacturing and construction.

According to Raab, FARO will focus its efforts on immediate integration of this technology.

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