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February 14, 2008

Exelon Contracts CSA for 20,000+ Laser Scans at 17 Nuclear Plants

Exelon Contracts CSA - Image 1

Exelon awarded CSA a fleetwide contract to support dose reduction initiatives at Exelon’s nuclear plants. One of the largest laser scanning contracts ever awarded, the effort will span all of Exelon’s 17 nuclear units and is expected to total more than 20,000 scans.A 360-degree scanner will be utilized inside containment, and licenses for CSA software will be procured to create 3D models of specific areas/equipment, according to Exelon Nuclear project manager Dan Brush. The laser scans will be used for a variety of planning applications such as permanent shielding design, scaffolding management, interface to radiation data, equipment removal/replacement, training, outage briefings, engineering modifications and others. About 1600 scans have already been completed. CSA has extensive nuclear plant laser scanning and 3D experience supporting over 50 nuclear units in USA and Japan. (See image gallery for examples. Hover over and click thumbnails for full size images.)

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