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September 23, 2011

Eternix releases Blaze Point Cloud Extension

NUREMBERG, Germany – Eternix, a software developer based in Tel Aviv, Israel, announced this week the release of its newest product, Blaze Point Cloud Extension, which runs on top of the visualization applications Blaze View and Blaze Terra. It will be available for view at INTERGEO here this week.

According to the release, Blaze Point Cloud Extension enables GIS professionals to view a nearly unlimited number of points acquired by lidar and other sources, in real-time and without pre-processing. Point clouds from various sources can be integrated into a single 3D GIS environment, on top of any geospatial data (raster, vector, terrain), and can further be reprojected and manipulated on-the-fly, according to the company.

“Real-time visualization of lidar data in its geographical context is a natural extension to our high-end products,” said Yoav Zobel, VP of software development, in a statement. “The combination of Blaze Point Cloud Extension with Blaze Terra and its existing extensions creates a wealth of exciting opportunities for our end users.” 

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