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April 23, 2024

Engineers Without Borders International Announces Its New President, Sanjiv Indran, and Newly-Elected Board

Under the board and Sanjiv Indran’s leadership, EWB-I will continue delivering critical development across the engineering sector with 2024 culminating in the EWB Global Summit in his home country of Malaysia.

Today, Engineers Without Borders International announced the appointment of the
organisation’s new president, Sanjiv Indran. Alongside the appointment of President Sanjiv Indran, the annual board election concluded with four global members offered seats including:

  • Karl Ove Ingebrigtsen, EWB Norway, Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Peter S Nzabanita, EWB East Africa, Executive Director
  • Kapil Dev Regmi, EWB Nepal, President
  • Rajeev Lal, EWB India, Director on the Board

Showcasing EWB’s momentum for 2024 and beyond, these appointments emphasise EWB’s priority on global collaboration, with 2024 culminating in EWB’s Global Summit in Sanjiv Indran’s home country of Malaysia. EWB’s work has never been more crucial, as humanity continues to face many significant interlinked global challenges, including the climate crisis, that pose the greatest threat to life we have ever faced. Millions of people still lack access to clean drinking water, adequate sanitation facilities, nutritious food, safe housing, and reliable energy, which will be addressed at EWB’s Global Summit and throughout EWBs ongoing mission under President Sanjiv Indran.

The principal consultant at a boutique management consulting firm in Kuala Lumpur, Sanjiv Indran currently serves as the president of Engineers Without Borders Malaysia. Sanjiv Indran co-founded EWB Malaysia in the hopes of inspiring and empowering the next generation of Malaysian and international engineers to help build a sustainable future. Sanjiv Indran is excited for the future of EWB-I and the collaboration that can be fostered across the globe to further the mission of the organisation.

“We have already achieved so much under the guidance and direction of the current EWB International Board, as well as the fantastic leadership of former president and CEO of EWB USA, Boris Martin. With everyone’s help, I look forward to sustaining that passion by taking our accomplishments forward into the next couple of years – and building upon them even further. We will continue to strengthen our organisational stability, develop a clear strategy to engage more EWB Member Associations across the globe, and enhance our mutual collaborative experience. Together, I am certain that we can accomplish greater things for the Global Movement.”

– President Sanjiv Indran

The EWB-I presidential and board transitions mark the beginning of an exciting year of collaboration for every representative of EWB to inspire, build, and shape a future-fit engineering community that can support individuals in crisis through shared knowledge and solutions.

Source: Engineers Without Borders International

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