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March 6, 2023

Emesent's Hovermap allows for data collection in hard-to-access areas (VIDEO)

Stefan Hrabar spoke to Geo Week News on the floor at Geo Week 2023.
Hovermap ST-X, via Emesent

Emesent, an Australian-based data collection company, focuses on capturing data in hard-to-reach, and sometimes otherwise inaccessible areas, with their main product, Hovermap. Hovermap is a survey-grade lidar mapping hardware designed for autonomy, and while originally made to be used exclusively with drones can now be utilized as a handheld scanner as well as when attached to a vehicle, backpack, or pole, along with UAVs. 

At the Geo Week 2023 show last month in Denver, Colorado, Stefan Hrabar, CEO and founder of Emesent, took a few minutes to chat with Geo Week News. In a video interview, Hrabar spoke about the company’s ability to enable that data capture in hard-to-reach spaces, specifically calling out mining as an area which can benefit from this technology, while also noting that others – including the AEC space – can certainly stand to gain from adoption as well.

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