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February 13, 2013

EMC invests in Riegl VMX-450

GRENADA, Miss. – EMC, Inc., a multi-disciplinary survey engineering firm based here, announced this week it has expanded its stockpile of laser scanners with the purchase of a Riegl VMX-450 mobile scanning system.

“Based on our assessment, it is the most advanced mobile mapper in the market today. We are very excited to be adding this instrument to our workforce,” said Jake Mattox, EMC’s senior VP, in a statement.

And EMC has some solid experience with the Riegl line. They’ve already been using the VZ400 terrestrial scanner for a wide variety of improvised mobile scanning work, as you can see in this blog entry from March of last year (it’s one of our most popular blog posts, actually, which isn’t surprising when you look at it).

EMC decided to go with the VMX-450 as well because of its “high collection speeds with the highest measurement accuracy and the most comprehensive workflow in the industry,” according to the press release.

The company plans on using it for survey and mapping of highways, railways, bridges, and for volumetric surveys. The system is also going to be used for as-built surveying, road and bridge modeling and any civil engineering projects where clients need fast and reliable data, the release said.

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