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April 16, 2013

Eco-friendly satellite monitoring systems launched


3D Laser Mapping’s new CatchR systems can recharge on sun, wind

3D Laser Mapping on Tuesday launched a range of remote satellite monitoring systems that allow data from laser scanners and other sensors to be transmitted from inaccessible and inhospitable environments.

Based in Nottingham, U.K., the company integrates laser scanning hardware with its proprietary software and peripherals for applications in mapping, mining and manufacturing. 3D Laser Mapping also serves the marine and coastal categories with mobile mapping systems for monitoring of coastal zones, airborne systems for hydrographic mapping and handheld systems for oil and gas infrastructure modeling.

The company said its new CatchR systems, developed by Sweden-based Novator Solutions, can be used to monitor equipment, such as generators, power plants or pumping stations, and detect and report the presence of toxic substances, even operating in emergency situations when other infrastructure may be lost, the company said. CatchR systems also include solutions for monitoring water levels in lakes, dams, rivers and reservoirs and can report on water flow and depth as well as weather.

The measurement units collect and record a range of data which is then automatically transmitted, via satellites, to a secure data server. Users can view data online and alarms can received as emails and SMS messages.

The CatchR Basic has a low-power computer to communicate with external sensors to collect data,which is then transmitted using the built in satellite modem via an external antennae. CatchR monitoring systems include a high-end rechargeable battery that runs on external DC power supply, solar or wind power.

“CatchR systems are self-sufficient with long battery life ensuring operation weeks after local power loss; they can even be recharged by wind or solar generating systems making them environmentally friendly too. They can operate in sub-zero temperatures as well as in extreme heat and humidity and can be deployed in remote places without the need for external infrastructure,” Chicken said.

“The CatchR solutions will complement our own SiteMonitor system which is already in use in mines and other challenging environments around the world,” said Jon Chicken, managing director of 3D Laser Mapping.

3D Laser Mapping is also the RIEGL Premier Distributor for the UK, Ireland and sub-Saharan Africa and a leading distributor of TerraScan software.

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