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April 4, 2019

Easily visualize and share floor plans with AR SketchWalk


Hold up your iPad or iPhone, point it at any area, and watch your sketch come to life with AR SketchWalk, a new augmented reality tool from Morpholio for architects, builders, and engineers.

Focused on the creation of applications that reinvent creative processes for designers, artists, photographers and more, the New-York based company, Morpholio, is well-known for its iOS Trace app. The app allows architects and designers to “easily develop ideas in layers, communicate via drawing markup, and work fluidly through all phases of the design process”.

The newly added tool, AR SketchWalk, makes it easier for professionals to visualize and share floor plans and sketches. With a single tap of a button, the app lays any plan on the ground, in real scale, and allows you to walk around it. To have a better sense of space, there’s a 3D slider to lift selected lines into walls, creating surfaces to walk between.

“People have been pacing out plans as long as they’ve been drawing them. The palpable sense of scale, dimension and extent simply can’t be communicated with stills or even animation,” says Mark Collins, Morpholio Co-Founder. “The AR experience gives you a real sense of how your space will feel and lets you decide if it works for you.”

In addition to this, AR SketchWalk features a multiplayer option, allowing others to easily join the AR experience by detecting nearby iOS12 devices (iPhone or iPad) that also have Morpholio Trace installed.

“Design is one part idea and two parts convincing others that your idea is the right one. By gathering around an iPad Pro to either sketch, or experience AR SketchWalk, you put your client next to you and take them on a ride that is incredibly empowering. Being able to gather around and even jump into our drawings in new ways is making design conversations far more engaging and productive,” explains Anna Kenoff, Morpholio Co-Founder.

SketchWalk might not compete with more robust solutions such as Arvizio’s MR Studio, which takes advantage of AR headsets, but it’s a quick, simple-to-use, and free solution for companies who want to provide or receive feedback about their work – as long as there’s an iPad or iPhone at hand, of course.

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