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October 5, 2023

EarthCam announces new AI-powered integrations with Procore

The latest step in collaboration between the two companies represents a picture of what AI can provide in industrial settings today.

Last month at the annual Procore Groundbreak event, live camera technology and services provider EarthCam announced a new integration with Procore. This joins a number of other Procore integrations announced over the last month, including a continuation of their integration with Matterport. This is a continuation of collaboration between Procore and EarthCam – in the announcement of the news, EarthCam says they are Procore’s “number one on-site camera partner” – and adds new AI-powered capabilities for project managers to be seen directly within Procore’s platform.

With this new integration, the seventh generation of the integration between the two companies, there is additional support for those AI-powered insights from EarthCam’s cameras populating in Procore’s Daily Log sections, providing the software with imagery and metadata. EarthCam’s cameras provide 24-hour recordings of job sites, and AI is used to extract insights from the footage. Procore users are able to set their own parameters for when they want to be alerted about activity on a site and what triggers those alerts, with notifications being sent out when those parameters are met.

In their announcement of the news, EarthCam points to a number of different ways this integration can be used by project managers and other stakeholders. For example, they note that workers can present a personalized QR code at sites’ entry points, with the cameras recognizing that data and generating worker hour reports into Procore’s Timecards Log. Further, activity heatmaps can be generated from the cameras’ feeds and pushed into Procore’s Manpower Log, allowing managers to identify and resolve potential traffic and workflow issues. 

In addition to these sorts of project management and job site tracking use cases, of which there are more than we’ve listed here, EarthCam also discusses how their AI-powered insights can help Procore users address potential safety issues on-site. As an example, their algorithms can now detect when workers are performing tasks at height, working on a ladder, man-lift, or scaffolding. This information is imported into the Procore Daily Log, and safety personnel for a job can then review the footage to ensure correct safety practices are being observed. They also offer security cameras, with the video being able to be trimmed and shared to Procore to have an easy-to-find record of any security incidents.

Artificial intelligence in general has of course been the talk of the tech world for the better part of the year. Most of that conversation has revolved around generative AI, which certainly has a wide reach and contains the potential to shift how work is done in a number of different industries, including AEC. That being said, this integration and EarthCam’s offerings in general are a good illustration of the ways AI can be used in industrial settings today. 

Having access to feeds of job sites is obviously not a new thing, but traditionally to be able to get these kinds of insights there would either have to be someone constantly monitoring the feed for real-time information, or people would have to review footage after the fact. AI allows that real-time information flow to happen without sacrificing valuable worker hours for simply monitoring footage. It’s a similar value proposition as we’ve seen in the geospatial industry with AI being used to more efficiently derive insights from point cloud data. Furthermore, adding in this integration with Procore ensures that these insights will be held within a singular source of truth.

“EarthCam is continuing its mission to fuel Procore with high-quality, visual data from jobsite cameras, drones, and 360° reality capture,” said Brian Cury, Founder & CEO of EarthCam, in a press statement. “The innovative AI technologies we’re presenting at Groundbreak make this the most extensive integration to date, and will help our mutual customers significantly increase their return on investment in Procore.”

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