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March 12, 2024

EAASI launches the Outstanding Thesis Award

Celebrating Students' Contributions to Business Solutions through Aerial Data

As the leading non-profit association in the European aerial surveying market, EAASI recognizes the importance of fostering connections with the next generation of professionals. In 2024, the European Association of Aerial Surveying Industries introduces its inaugural award, marking a significant step in acknowledging and encouraging excellence within the industry.

The Outstanding Thesis Award, "Spatial Business Bridge", incentivizes post-graduate students to explore the intersection of Geospatial and Business, particularly in crewed airborne data acquisition. The award recognizes students who effectively bridge technical geospatial applications with business elements.

The award is open to post-graduate students at Master, Doctorate, or Post-Doc Level.


a. The thesis must demonstrate innovative and original research in the field of geospatial data from (crewed) airborne platforms and its application in the business context.

b. The thesis should demonstrate a thorough understanding of both the technical aspects of geospatial data collection and analysis, as well as the business context in which the data is being used, including a description of economic value creation.

c. The thesis should showcase how the use of geospatial data from aerial surveys helps businesses or administrations to improve decision-making, increase efficiency, reduce costs, or improve customer satisfaction.

d. The thesis must be well-written, clearly articulated, and make a significant contribution to the field.

e. The thesis should be relevant to real-world applications and have the potential for practical implementation in business contexts.


a. Cash Prize: €2000

b. Invitation to the annual EAASI Partner Summit, fully covered by the Association.

c. Certificate of recognition and a trophy.

d. Inclusion in the "Hall of Fame" on the homepage.

e. Publication in a business journal.

Decision Process and Panel

The Decision Process for the "Spatial Business Bridge" Best Thesis Award involves submissions by the Community of Business or self-presentation by students. Shortlisting is conducted by the Secretary General and two voluntary Board Members. The panel for the award comprises experts in geospatial data, business, academia, government matters, subject matter, and a neutral party. These experts evaluate theses based on technical geospatial data analysis, business context understanding, real-world application potential, and contribution to the field. Panel members are chosen for their diverse expertise and experience to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. They must have no conflicts of interest and work pro-bono. This process aims to select theses that excel in bridging technical geospatial applications with business elements, emphasizing innovation and relevance to real-world applications.

Frequency and Delivery

The award is conferred annually. Thesis submissions are accepted until August 31st, with pre-selection by September. Final selection and award presentation occur by October 31st, followed by an in-person presentation at the Annual Partner Conference.

"The 'Spatial Business Bridge' Outstanding Thesis Award marks a significant milestone for EAASI as we celebrate the remarkable contributions of post-graduate students. This award underscores our dedication to bridging the gap between technical innovation and business application. We look forward to honoring the outstanding theses that demonstrate the potential of geospatial data in shaping smarter business solutions", said EAASI President and OPEGIEKA President Florian Romanowski.

“This award reflects EAASI's commitment to fostering excellence and practical solutions within our industry. As an organization long advocating for connecting with the next generations, the award presents a wonderful opportunity to highlight and support the talented individuals shaping the future of aerial surveying “, added EAASI Secretary General Marcos Martinez-Fernandez.

For more information and to submit a thesis, write to [email protected].

Join us in recognizing outstanding contributions at the nexus of geospatial and business!

Source: EAASI

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