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March 15, 2016

DotProduct Review


One problem for those interested in 3D-scanning technology: It can be hard to get your hands on a real, live scanner for testing before you shell out the money. The internet is full of use-cases and product info, but where do you actually get to use these things? Well, you could go to a conference like, say, SPAR 3D (*plug*), where you’ll be able explore the ins and outs of all the various scanning options on the market. Or, here’s the next best thing: A video review.

Eugene Liscio attached a GoPro camera to a DotProduct scanner and put it through its paces. This gives us a clear view of the screen as he uses the system to perform a scan, all the way from startup and settings through post-scan processing. If you’re looking for a quick and honest hands-on demo of a DotProduct, including all its ins and outs, you’d be hard pressed to do better without picking the thing up yourself.

Watch below to see why he says DotProduct has “done a great job making a small, easy to use system.”

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