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April 13, 2016

DotProduct announces Dot3D Point Cloud Tool, Phi3D 2.1


Today on the showroom floor at SPAR 3D, DotProduct is showing an early beta release of Dot3D, a multi-platform point cloud productivity tool for tablets, phones, and computers.

Dot3D: Share, crop, and edit .DP data across platforms with this new, mobile point cloud tool
DotProduct is announcing the beta release of Dot3D, a powerful new standalone point cloud productivity tool. Written for both Windows and Android, Dot3D will allow DotProduct users to view .DP scan data on tablets, phones and other mobile devices. This application will make it easier than ever to quickly share scan data to management, clients, and other stakeholders on a project.

The beta release will also include the ability to crop .DP point clouds natively on touch screen phones and tablets. With 3D cropping and a new quality filter in Dot3D, customers will now be able to clean up scans and extract only the relevant 3D data, all on mobile in the compressed .DP format.

Dot3D will also include enhanced measurement and 3D annotation capabilities. These new and improved documentation features will allow users to accurately extract specific measurements and add text annotations directly to the 3D data set. Lastly, for any users operating on devices equipped with integrated 3D sensors, Dot3D will include a beta scanning feature for in-app capture.

Phi.3D 2.1: Direct integration with Brunson scale bars, Z+F scanners, and Elysium InfiPoints
With this latest Phi.3D update, DotProduct is improving integration with several powerful workflows, including reference bar targeting, Z+F registration, and Elysium InfiPoints. Additional improvements will include core enhancements to the tracking stability, optimization, and accuracy at depth, as well as a direct link to the company’s new Dot3D multi-platform point cloud productivity tool, which provides on-tablet cropping, editing and annotation functions.

In collaboration with Brunson Instrument Company, DotProduct is announcing a powerful new reference bar workflow for Phi.3D 2.1. By pairing a new reference bar hardware kit from Brunson with the intelligence of Phi.3D software, users will have access to fully automated reference bar targeting for rapid, highly-accurate results. The kit can be previewed today at the DotProduct booth.

Phi.3D 2.1 also marks the official release of direct Z+F integration within Phi.3D. This workflow allows users to register DotProduct scan data directly to Z+F IMAGER® 5010X tripod scan data, wirelessly in the field with Z+F LaserControl® Scout operating on a Windows tablet.

Lastly, Phi.3D 2.1 users will soon be able to use scan data directly in the upcoming InfiPoints-on- Tablet from Elysium. This workflow will allow users to take advantage of InfiPoints processing, modelling, and feature recognition capabilities, all on the same tablet with direct DP import.

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