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December 15, 2016

DJI to Sell Drone Packages with Bentley’s ContextCapture

In a move that will certainly bring their reality modeling software to a wider customer base, Bentley has partnered with one of the world’s largest drone vendors, DJI.

Under the partnership, DJI will offer package solutions that include a DJI drone imaging platform and Bentley’s ContextCapture technology. Bentley’s software will come in three versions, each designed for a different “level of data capture and processing functionality.”

According to Francois Valois, senior director of reality modeling at Bentley Systems, the partnership is intended to enable infrastructure projects to continuously capture “as-operated” information in the form of reality-meshes. “Combining the powerful 3D photogrammetry capabilities of ContextCapture with DJI’s UAV and imaging products delivers a powerful new capability to infrastructure professionals globally,” he added.

DJI Vice President Paul Xu added that “we are providing the tools to improve work efficiencies in the design, construction, and operation of infrastructure assets and enabling our users to realize the full benefits of the stability, flexibility, and maneuverability of DJI’s aerial platforms.”

DJI will release pricing and availability in early 2017.

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