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February 2, 2024

Digital Twin Consortium Announces Ambassador Program

Propagating digital twin expertise and core competencies across geographies.

Today, Digital Twin Consortium® (DTC) announced the Ambassador Program to extend digital twin expertise across geographies. Working in conjunction with DTC’s Regional Branch Organizers (RBOs), Ambassadors will drive digital twin expertise in one or more core competencies across multiple vertical market segments, working with members and prospects on specific opportunities and leveraging public-private partnerships.

“We’re excited to announce the Ambassador Program,” said Dan Isaacs, GM & CTO of the DTC. “Our ambassadors are already engaging with organizations in multiple industries globally. They are leveraging foundational knowledge, expertise, and relationships to accelerate the adoption of digital twins.”

Core competencies include:

  • Augmented reality/virtual reality
  • Automotive and transportation management
  • Carbon reporting
  • Data center development
  • Data space and governance
  • Educational training
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Grant development
  • Industrial robotics
  • Manufacturing: packaging, automation, sustainability
  • Mining
  • Oil & gas
  • Smart factories
  • Urban analytics and planning

The following leaders are the first DTC Ambassadors:

  • Dr. Soheil Sabri, Co-Chair DTC Academia & Research Working Group.

His areas of expertise include geospatial analysis, urban analytics and planning, educational training, and research grant development.

Geographies include Asia Pacific, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia. Middle East including UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey; and the USA.

  • Dr. David McKee, Co-Chair Capabilities and Technology Working Group, Lead Open Source, Standards, and Platform Stacks. Managing Partner, Counterpoint Technologies.

His areas of expertise include data center development, automotive and transportation management in addition to digital transformation, digital twin architectures, and sustainable digital twins.

Geographies include Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the USA.

  • Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO XMPro, Co–chair of the Natural Resources Group, Lead Composability Sub-Group. RBOs – Australia and New Zealand. 

His areas of expertise include digital transformation methodology, composability framework, operationalizing intelligent digital twins, and generative AI digital twins.

Geographies include Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Korea, Japan, UAE, and the USA.

  • Dr. Carlos Toro, Head of Data and Analytics (Chile) at NTT DATA, Digital Twin Coordinator LATAM (Global Innovation Center).

His areas of expertise include Mining, Smart Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Industrial Robotics, AR/VR, M2M Communication, AI, and Composable Digital Twins.

Geographies include Latin America, EMEA, United Kingdom, Japan, and the USA.

  • Giuseppe Padula, EU Commission DG-Connect nominated expert, Adjunct Professor University of Bologna. RBO – Italy.

His areas of expertise include transition to platform-defined manufacturing and packaging, Digital Twin modeling for Green Transition and Green Bonds quantitative review.
Geographies include EU (Green Bonds), Italy, Spain, Germany, and the USA.

  • Chaisung Lim, Professor Konkuk University/ Korea Industry 4.0 Association. RBO – Korea.

His areas of expertise include digital transformation innovation management, environmental carbon reporting, and data space.

Geographies include Korea, India, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the USA.

Source: Digital Twin Consortium

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