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November 29, 2007

Delft Forensics Releases PointForce: Point Cloud Processing, Visualization, Measurement

Delft Forensics Releases PointForce - Image 1

Delft Forensics released PointForce, a new software tool for 3D point cloud processing, visualization and measurement. Calling it a “visual sensor fusion” application, the company says PointForce can load point clouds from all leading scanner manufacturers, and is designed to be usable by people at all levels of an organization. The software was developed in the course of Delft Forensics’ and its parent company DelftTech’s work providing 3D laser scanning, visualization and animation services to police and security organizations as well as architecture, civil, transportation, process, power and cultural heritage markets.

Key features include ability to load unlimited number of points for 3D visualization; DXF plan combination for quick positioning of scans of different elevations; OBJ-model import of textured models; ability to view 360deg scans in “picture” view or “dome” view for clear visual reference; 2D and 3D measurement tools; basic 3D CAD modeling; loading of very large areas, with ability to combine 3D laser scans, models and DXF plans; orthographic screen-shot generation up to 80 megapixels; ability to create and save views for presentation and later usage; easy swapping of color profiles to improve recognizability of scans; intuitive limit box for fast viewing; dual-monitor support; very low memory usage due to optimized streaming technology.

Delft Forensics plans a future database link for 3D building and project management, and says future add-ons will customize the software for civil/infrastructure, architecture, petrochemical, shipbuilding, city modeling/serious gaming, art/cultural heritage, security/public safety, training/education and consulting.

List price is €1250, or about $1850 at current exchange rates.

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