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March 9, 2018

DAQRI Worksense suite includes 3D capture capability


Augmented reality continues to work its way from “cool idea, but not for us” to “useful for our enterprise applications.” Companies like DAQRI are leading the way, as with its latest release: a productivity suite for augmented reality called Worksense. The suite includes five different “apps,” which reconfigure DAQRI’s hardware and software capabilities to enable different applications.

DAQRI Show combines video, voice, and 3D collaboration so you can “show” your view to colleagues and co-workers for remote assistance. DAQRI Tag attaches “critical information or multimedia” about your assets to the asset location in the real world—including live data from IoT systems. DAQRI Model processes BIM 360 Models and displays them as full-scale, interactive walkthroughs. DAQRI Guide offers a way to give field employees step by step directions while they’re in the field.

DAQRI Scan is the least expected addition. It is “designed to let anyone critically assess an actual facility or piece of equipment” by capturing 3D models. These models are sharable, and can be used for virtually any application you currently use 3D models for: retrofits, installations, change detection, etc. They can also be imported into design applications for further use.

Though we know that AR headsets scan their environments in 3D in order to correctly position digital information in a user’s view of the physical world, not too many manufacturers have used this 3D data for another purpose.

The suite will be available in two editions. The Standard Edition will come with every pair of Smart Glasses, and a Pro edition that includes features for enterprise scenarios. Alongside this suite, DAQRI has also announced the Worksense Pro Subscription service, which offers access to the Worksense software as well as DAQRI Smart Glasses.

For more information, contact DAQRI.

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