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February 20, 2007

CyArk Develops Methodology for Documenting Cultural Heritage Sites Using Advanced Survey, Imaging Technologies

A methodology to create 3D documentation of the world’s cultural heritage sites was developed by CyArk. Established by 3D laser scanning pioneer Ben Kacyra and his wife, Barbara, CyArk is a nonprofit organization established to promote and support the creation of accurate 3D models of World Heritage sites and to store them safely in a publicly accessible archive. Together with partners at Texas Tech University and the University of California, Berkeley, CyArk developed a methodology for documenting cultural heritage sites using 3D laser scanning, GPS, high-resolution and high-dynamic-range photography, digital modeling, and other advanced spatial technologies and methods. This development is profiled in the latest issue of GeoPlace, the online journal of GeoWorld magazine. Ben Kacyra will present a Historic Preservation keynote at our SPAR 2007 conference, March 26-27, Houston (Sugar Land), TX.

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