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January 11, 2023

Trimble announces acquisition of integration platform Ryvit

The Ryvit platform will be integrated into the Trimble Construction One platform.
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Last week, Trimble announced that they have acquired Ryvit, an integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) provider who works with the construction industry. Trimble, one of the premier construction technology companies, has not been shy about embracing acquisitions, collaborations, and integrations recently, including announcements in the back half of last year pointing to a collaboration with Exyn Technologies on a proof-of-concept for a fully autonomous robotic solution on construction sites, as well as an integration with Hilti for tool and asset tracking on job sites. Both of these announcements were made at the company’s annual Dimensions conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ryvit, established in 2016 as the first iPaaS dedicated to the construction industry, works to accelerate and simplify key integrations between applications and data sources which have gained popularity in recent years as the construction industry has more willingly embraced technological innovation. The industry is still one which is plagued by disparate tools, a barrier for some in the industry getting to the point where they can fully embrace some of the tools at their disposal, and having an integration tool like this is a step towards breaking down those barriers. Ryvit works with a large number of applications commonly used in the industry, including but not limited to those around asset management, procurement, project management, and sales. They currently have 29 official partnerships with “trusted industry leaders,” including with companies like Procore, ServiceTitan, ProjectSight, and more.

With this acquisition, the platform will be integrated into the Trimble Construction One platform, itself the result of a Trimble acquisition. The company acquired Viewpoint in 2018, and in 2022 officially rebranded the ViewpointOne platform into Trimble Construction One. Similarly to Ryvit, the goal of Trimble Construction One is to “connect the data of your entire project lifecycle.” Taking data from all phases of a project, it provides quick and easy access to key data required by multiple stakeholders on a project, from an owner to surveyors, architects, general contractors, and anyone else involved with a job.

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As a part of the integration into Trimble Construction One, Ryvit’s primary offerings will be split into two rebrands, Trimble notes in their press release for the news. One of those rebrands will be Data Xchange, which will represent the “contractor tools which allow end users to configure and manage their data flows between connected systems.” Meanwhile, App Xchange will serve as “the developer’s command center for connecting systems, building pre-configured dataflows, and onboarding new customers.” 

This acquisition and resulting integration of Ryvit into Trimble Construction One is a win for construction firms, particularly those working on multiple large projects simultaneously. To the extent that calling the construction industry a technological laggard remains a fair commentary, there are many factors at play. That said, as alluded to above, one of the most significant is that there are a huge number of disparate applications necessary to really harness the value of many technological solutions, and the task of connecting them to the extent needed to return that value is often not worth the hassle. Both Ryvit and Trimble Construction One are specifically designed to combat these issues, and combining forces should only enhance that work.

On the acquisition, senior vice president of Trimble’s Construction sector, Pete Large, said in a press statement, “Ryvit provides a platform for software solution providers and construction stakeholders to rapidly build and deploy workflows, enabling the automatic flow of critical information across organizations and teams in real time. At Trimble, we believe that openness and interoperability are imperative to the future of the construction industry and are excited to extend Ryvit’s capabilities to more customers, applications and partners as we move the construction industry forward.”

Ryvit CEO Tom Stemm added, “Ryvit has been relentlessly focused on transforming the construction industry into a more productive and profitable industry powered by data. Over the past seven years, we’ve done this by building a platform that connects data between some of the industry’s largest technology providers to improve efficiency and streamline workflows for construction. Trimble is similarly focused on becoming an industry-leading open platform provider so this acquisition is a perfect match for both companies, who share a similar mission and vision for the industries we serve.”

As of this writing, the financial terms of this acquisition have not been disclosed.

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